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Probenecid is an old "diuretic" types drug, and is only licensed in the UK/Ireland to help protect the kidneys in HIV patients taking a rare antiviral drug, Cidofovir. So unless Garzelli is being treated with this other drug, he should have no reason to be taking Probenecid.

However, Probenecid causes a rapid increase in urine volume and output, and reacts with many other Chemical entities, rendering most urine-based drug tests useless. This may explain its use in this instance!


Even more worrying is the detection of cyclists using "EPO stimulating factors", proteins used to falsely inflate the body's output of EPO. The only slight reassurance is that these are at least being detected, even though they are very new drugs. The need for Blood-Testing in Cycling at least, is very compelling. So too is the need for the public to ask questions of sponsors. Why should they expect increased business from the public, when without the funding and the commercial pressures, there would be much less financial incentive for athletes to cheat? The massive medical infrastructure must be funded from somewhere, and one must conclude the bulk of funding comes from direct sponsorship/indirect media rights.

The time for the public to vote with their feet is long overdue. This sport was found guilty in the extreme only a few years ago, and it has not gone away. Unless someone takes action, namely the public, we are looking at another death, another guilty team, and another fruitless investigation, exposing nothing, finding nothing, and doing nothing for the sport.