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Facts about Coughs & Colds:
Coughs, colds, congestion and flu are nasty doses that attack even the most resilient of people. Research shows that over 50% of Irish adults suffer from colds or coughs up to three times annually, with more than one third suffering from flu. It is virtually impossible to escape the all too familiar symptoms, which can include the snivelling misery of runny nose and eyes, the stuffed up congestion that inevitably follows, the pains and aches all over, a draining fever, and a cough that insists on robbing you of your sleep.

Fortunately most coughs, cold and congestion can flu can be treated without necessitating treatment from your doctor. A trip to your local pharmacy will ensure that appropriate treatment is advised to take care of your symptoms, allowing you to meet daily responsibilities and commitments with the minimum of discomfort. Simple medicines such as Benylin will ease your discomfort and slowly rid your cold and cough. If you are involved in sports activity, always inform your pharmacist so that they can recommend a product that does not contain any banned substances.

Coping with Coughs
Coughing is a protective mechanism and is the body's attempt to clear the airways of excess mucus and phlegm. A cough is a reflex action and is caused by irritation in the airways. Dust, smoke, gases or mucus coming from the back of the nose can cause irritation. A cough is often one of the symptoms of a cold where the upper respiratory tract becomes inflamed. The purpose of a cough is to clear the airways for normal breathing. The two main types of cough are dry coughs and chesty coughs. A dry cough is non-productive, irritating and often starts with a tingling in the throat, whereas a chesty cough may produce phlegm or mucus.

Types of Coughs
Chesty (productive) - Mucus/Phlegm present

Dry (non-productive) - hard, irritating, no mucus present